Workbooks for simulation of chromatography using a linear or non-linear solvent strength model
Chromatograms for isocratic and gradient HPLC and isotherm and temperature programmed GC can be simulated
For HPLC the input needed is the linear or non-linear relation between log(k) and the elution strength Φ for all analytes
For GC simulation uses literature data for the Solvation Parameter model (SP) for 201 analytes 12 GC-columns
A basic understanding of the Linear Solvent Strength model (LSS) and Solvation Parameter model (for GC) is recommended

ChromSimHPLC (LSS)
Simulation of HPLC

ChromSimGC (LSS and SP)
Simulation of GC

ChromSimLSS (LSS and Plate Theory)
Simulation of LC
For demonstration of the Plate Theory and the Linear Solvent Strength model

The Hydrophobic Subtraction model (HS)
Files includes workbooks for laboratory exercises in a combination of HS and LSS