Bo Svensmark
Assoc. Prof. emeritus, Ph.D.
Analytical Chemistry
Department of Plant and Environmental Chemistry
University of Copenhagen

svensmark (at)

This homepage contains Excel workbooks and other tools that I have made for teaching and research
Everybody is allowed to downlod and use the files for non-commercial purposes
There might be errors in the files, so every use is at your own risk

Theory of Sampling
Extensions to the Theory of Sampling part 1 and 2
Part 1: The extended Gy's formula
Part 2: The Grouping and Segregation Uncertainty (GSU) and variographic analysis

Simulation of chromatography (HPLC and GC)
Workbooks for the Linear Solvent Strength model (LSS) and the Hydrophobic Subtraction model (HS)
The Solvation Parameter model is used for simulation of GC

Calibration by 1st to 3rd degree polynomial, weighted and unweighted

Design of Experiments
Design and analysis of results for fractional designs with 2 to 8 factors, 4 to 16 runs + centre points

Ion Mobilty and cross sections
A Fortran program from Martin F. Jarrold's group at Indiana University Bloomington

Miscellaneous topics
Resolving power in MS

The Danish Society of Analytical Chemistry
Section of The Danish Chemical Society
My private homepage with photos of birds and sailboats etc...
Texted in Danish